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As winter approaches, it is important that we review the procedures for emergency school closing. Parents are advised that under stormy conditions, the Peel District School Board may attempt to keep the schools open. However, it is the parents' responsibility to decide if conditions are safe for their children to attend school.

NOTE:  There may be some situations when the school is open, but the buses are not running. If a bussed student is brought to school, this child must also be picked up at the end of the day by the parent.


1.      All Day Closing: 

In the case of a severe storm, it may be necessary to keep the schools closed.This decision will e made by 7:00 a.m. by the Director of Education and communicated to the major A.M. radio station regarding “Peel schools.”




2.   Early School Closing

      In case of a severe storm, it may be necessary to close the school early in order to ensure the
safety of students and staff.

      Please review with your child the arrangements as to where he/she should go. It is important that your child knows where to go should such an emergency arise.

     The radio stations will also notify you of early closings. Of course, those children not sure of emergency plans will be kept in school until the regular dismissal time, or later, depending on the  weather.




In case of an emergency so grave in nature that it becomes necessary to evacuate the school, we will walk the children to T.L. Kennedy Secondary School  Our alternative location is The Valleys Public school.


Appropriate Board personnel will notify local radio stations who will in turn broadcast this information.  The children will be kept and closely supervised at the evacuation site until taken by parents or their surrogates, or taken home by bus at the regular dismissal time.



As per Ministry direction, Thornwood has a well-organized School Council which meets on a regular basis. The School Council's main function is to act as an advisory group to the school's administration in determining community needs and formulating policies that will meet these needs.


Education is a partnership involving parents, students, teachers, principals, school boards, government and local community. School Council is an opportunity to strengthen the partnership and provide a forum through which parents can contribute to improving student achievement and school performance. School councils are mandated to provide input to the local school or school board on any matter that affects student learning. Thornwood has developed a well-organized School Council made up of parents, staff, and members of the community who meet regularly to discuss the issues important to our community and to the achievement of mutual goals. In the past, the wide array of items Thornwood Council has reviewed include: spending fundraising monies, positive behaviour, curriculum, parent volunteers, parent information nights, fundraising, the constitution and the election process, social events, and school safety issues.


All parents are welcome to attend the meetings and are encouraged to become involved as a council member, volunteer, or simply as an interested parent. The School Council / Community bulletin board in our main hall, is a good source of information for parents who wish to stay abreast of school matters and events.  Minutes of each Council meeting will be posted on this bulletin board.


Election of the Council members takes place in the fall.  Further information regarding elections will be sent out during the first week of school in September. 



Special Education

The School offers In-School Support and In-School Enhanced Program Support for students requiring program modifications and/or accommodations, as identified through the IPRC process. This program is directed towards those students whose development, in regards to the academic skills, may require specific teaching strategies and support.


Speech and Language Pathologist

The speech and language pathologist works in conjunction with the ISSP teacher and Principal to provide service to those students who require speech and language support.


Social Worker

This service is provided by the Board to assist in both the school and the home.  The social worker assigned to Thornwood is available on a need basis, to assist students with attendance problems and other social and/or emotional difficulties.


Psycho-educational Consultants

This service is provided by the Board to individual schools, to assist them in assessing and programming for specific learning needs which some students may be experiencing.


In School Review Committee (ISRC)

The Thornwood ISRC meets on a regular basis. It is comprised of the principal, special education staff, classroom teachers and Board support staff. At Thornwood, the ISRC functions in several key areas of improving student learning; these include accommodation plans and learning plans. Students experiencing difficulties or having specific needs are presented and plans established to assist them.  As well, thorough assessments of all students at risk or newly arrived at Thornwood take place on a regular basis. Parents or staff members can refer students to the ISRC.


Identification, Placement and Review Committee (IPRC)

The IPRC meets either regionally or at the school, depending on the needs of the child. This committee can deem a student Exceptional and recommend appropriate placement or programming.




All students have regular, weekly library and computer lab periods. All borrowed materials are on loan for a two-week period. Although we do not assess fees for overdue books, we ask that you ensure your child does return books promptly so that others may enjoy them.


We will charge students for books that are lost or damaged.




Newsletters will be distributed each month. Each newsletter contains updates on school happenings and a calendar for you to put up indicating the days of the school cycle and upcoming events.  Newsletters are given to each child attending Thornwood.  



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